Q: Do you give refunds?

A: As stated in the Refund policy we do not give refunds. If there is an issue with your order when you receive it feel free to contact us at Admin@lovejonesboutiques.com and we will resolve the issue as fast and efficiently as possible.

Q:Do you offer samples?

A: Only for lip gloss, anything else must be purchased at full price if you'd like to "try it out" before purchasing wholesale.

Q:What days do you ship?

A: Currently, we ship everyday of the week.

Q:Why is shipping so high?

A:Shipping rates are based on the weight of your products and are created by usps.

Q:How long is shipping?

A: How long your shipping takes depends on the method of shipping you choose. As stated in the shipping policy all orders have a 2-3 day processing time, unless stated otherwise (ie: Wholesale)

Q:Do you ship outside of the USA?

A:Yes we ship worldwide

Q:Why is there a processing time?

A: There is a processing time because all of our cosmetics are handmade.

Q:Do you do exchanges?

A:Your product will only be exchanged if it is damaged when you receive it. Product must be in original packaging with original tags. 

Q: What if my product is "undeliverable" or sent back to you?

A:if product if sent back to us we can resend the package to you with change or update of address but you will have to pay for us to reship your items.

Q:What if I put the wrong address?

A:Entering your address correctly is your responsibility, we do understand that sometimes mistakes do happen so if this happens please email us asap with the proper address so we can update it.  If your order is shipped out to the wrong address it will be your responsibility to retrieve your package from that address.

Q:What if my package says "delivered" but i haven't received it?

A: If your package says delivered but you haven't received it it's best for you to contact the United States Post Office.  Unfortunately once the package is out of our possession all we have to go off of is the tracking number provided by the usps.